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Design: Sori Yanagi

Born in 1915 in Tokyo as the eldest son of Soetsu Yanagi, the leader of mingei (folk craft). After graduating from the Department of Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, he worked at Junzo Sakakura Architectural Office and later founded the Yanagi Design Institute in 1952. It aimed to create "beautiful forms to be used," which is characterized by creating diagrams after a model is created and a prototype of the product is used. It is responsible for designing various objects, including the flame holder and torch of the Tokyo Olympics, stadium seats, furniture, tableware, bicycles, bridges.

Sori Yanagi takes the user's perspective and adapts a design method where models are hand-created while coming up with ideas. It has designed many products that will enrich your life and can be used for a long time.

Sori Yanagi (1915 - 2011) has left the following words about designs.

True beauty is "born", not created.

Design cannot be achieved alone.

True design lies in a realm counter to trends.

Traditional style exists for the cause of creation.

Design without tradition and creation is inconceivable.

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"Sori Yanagi's Creation" Begins with Making A Model Before Drawing Sketches or Diagrams