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The editors select the "long-lasting heritage" and "the region's uniqueness" that originated in each prefecture. They are then divided into 6 categories and featured with a "d-mark review" for excellence: tourism, cuisine, shopping, cafe, accommodation, personality.

This is not a travel magazine with simply tons of information, but rather a guidebook series that promotes artistic design through travel and showcases vitality that is likely to last another 10 years while introducing spots that express strong views of the local community.

Here's a view of the editing team.

- Don't cover anything that doesn't move you. Write honestly and in your own words.

- Even if there is an issue, if you think it is wonderful, recommend it while pointing out the issue.

- Review the reporters script and only focus on the facts.

- Only focus on topics related to subjects that are meant to last long to meet the "Long-life design" perspective.

- Do not use any kind of camera lens with special effects that exaggerate photos. A "natural" appearance is what we want.

- When reporting on a place or interviewing someone, keep a good relationship with the locals or interviewee.

Here are some points when selecting a subject.

- It is unique to that region.

- It sends an important message about that region.

- It's an activity that the locals do.

- It's affordable.

- Effort is used in its design.