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d& Dry Curry

D&DEPARTMENT DINING opened in Okusawa, Tokyo, in 2000. D&DEPARTMENT DINING's signature dish "d& Dry Curry" has been on the menu since its establishment. If you want to enjoy the same taste as at the restaurant, try this recipe please. The recipe is filled with 20 years of history and our passion.

Ingredients (1 serving) 

This product contains 

1 bag Dry Curry Roux 

Things to prepare

● 3g Unsalted butter ● 2g Almond flakes

● 15g Bacon ● 1 Tablespoon Unsweetened Yogurt 

● 20g Spinach ● Oil for frying 

● 1 Egg 

Method of preparation

1. Lightly sauté the almond flakes on a frying pan on a very low heat.Once they turn slightly brown and fragrant, remove the almond flakes from the pan and set aside. 

2. On the same pan, melt the unslated butter and sauté the bacons and spinach together until the spinach is wilted. 

3. Place the rice on a plate,top the rice with the layer of sautéd bacon and spinach (Step 2), followed by the heated curry roux (this product)*,the yogurt, and finally sprinkle the toasted almond flakes (Step 1) all over the dish. 

4. Deep fry the egg in oil at 180°C, until the edges of the eggs are crispy and brown. (Take some precaution of the splattering oil)

5. Draiin the oil from the egg well and at the egg on top of the rice. d&dry curry is ready to serve!

-The eggs will taste even better if they are half-cooked. 

-If you want to make it easy, just put a fried egg on top! Of course, just pouring the roux over the rice is also delicious. 

*To heat up the dry curry roux, be careful not to burn yourself. Place the pouch (retort pouch) directly into boiling water without opening the seal and boil for 2~3 minutes. Do not heat in a microwave oven as it is a low-moisture product.