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Manufacturer: Tsubame Shinko Industrial Co., Ltd.

Tsubame Shinko Industrial Co., Ltd. started manufacturing knives in Niigata prefecture's Tsubame city in 1919, one of the largest metal-processing regions that is known worldwide for its high techniques and artisan skills. It is currently a multi-functional manufacturer with basic businesses of traffic mirrors (installed at blind spots on the road) and road signs that utilize "polishing technology" that it accumulated through creating cutlery, instead of specializing only in metal cutlery. Particularly, the third president is working with front-line designers to develop many high-quality design cutlery. Despite being mass-produced, they emphasize hand work by artisans to express their delicate designs while keeping a clear attitude that won't accept any compromise in craftsmanship. For instance, the metal artisans' awareness of creativity and skills are maintained at a very high level, such as by repolishing half of the entire batch in one inspection.

Design: graf

Founded in 1998 by Shigeki Hattori. He works on design and branding management relating to architecture and interior design, and his recent social activities including regional revitalization show his abilities. Based in Nakanoshima and Toyonaka in Osaka, he works on many kinds of projects related to "living" through various methods, including manufacturing and sales of furniture, graphic design, space design, product design, cafe operation, and managing food and music-themed events.

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SUNAO: Stainless Steel Cutlery with Superb Design Created by World-renown Japanese Artisans