Wrapping Cloth: Perfect choice for your eco-friendly gift wrapping

Wrapping Cloth: Perfect choice for your eco-friendly gift wrapping

Do you know a cloth known as "furoshiki?"

It's a gift wrapping that wraps the gift sender's feelings with the gift it contains. Although a beautiful wrapping paper is attractive, a furoshiki is made from cloth and can thus be used long after receiving the gift. We at D&DEPARTMENT emphasize the reusability of "furoshiki" from a perspective that focuses on long-life design.

In Japan, valuable items were said to be wrapped in cloth and carefully stored away, such as the Imperial treasure that belonged to the Shosoin repository in Todaiji temple 1,300 years ago. In the mid-00s, they once again started to catch the public's attention as "an eco-friendly item." Their reusabilityinstead of being a single-use item, along with their versatility that doesn't limit what you wrap, has once again made them appear in people's everyday lives.

After ending its use as wrapping material, you can use the furoshiki that was intended for gift wrapping as a case for organizing the contents in your bag or for covering embarrassing everyday items and keeping them out of sight.

You can even use it as a handkerchief in your pocket or enjoy it as a scarf around your neck. Let your imagination run wild and explore the possibilities of use.

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For heavy use, we recommend a furoshiki made from sturdy cloth. Try turning it into a bag!

[How to use a furoshiki as a bag]

  • Fold furoshiki into a triangle with the front side inside
  • Tie knots at the left and right corners
  • Turn it over and put the knot inside
  • Tie the other end to make it a handle

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