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Traveling long life design

D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT, which works on the theme of "Long-Life Design", has selected the long-lasting "individuality" and "character" of each of the 47 prefectures from a design perspective and compiled them into a tourist guide called "d design travel".

"d design travel" presents only those things that have truly impressed the reader from the perspective of "long-life design" after traveling to the area as if the editors lived there. The "long-lasting things" and "local characteristics" that have taken root in each prefecture are selected and published as "d-mark reviews" in six categories, such as sights, restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, and people.

"d design travel" is not an ordinary guidebook full of information, but a design travel series that introduces places that have a vitality and a message from the local area that will last even 10 years, confirmed by the sense of D&DEPARTMENT.

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Our Editorial Concept

  • Any business or product we recommend will first have been purchased or used at the researchers' own expense. That is to say, the writers have all actually spent the night in at the inns, eaten at the restaurants, and purchased the products they recommend.
  • We will not recommend something unless it moves us. The recommendations will be written sincerely and in our own words.
  • If something or some service is wonderful, but not without problems, we will point out the problems while recommending it.
  • The businesses we recommend will not have editorial influence. Their only role in the publications will be fact checking.
  • We will only pick up things deemed enduring from the "long life design" perspective.
  • We will not enhance photographs by using special lenses. We will capture things as they are.
  • We will maintain a relationship with the places and people we pick up after the publication of the guidebook in which they are featured.
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Our Selection Criteria

  • The business or product is uniquely local.
  • The business or product communicates an important local message.
  • The business or product is operated or produced by local people.
  • The product or services are reasonably priced.
  • The business or product is innovatively designed.
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SIGHTS / To know the region

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CAFES / To have tea, To have a drink

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SHOPS / To buy regional goods

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HOTELS / To stay

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PEOPLE / To meet key persons

List of "d design travel" Series

For Book Wholesalers

We are looking for partners to work with us to spread "d design travel" worldwide. 

If you are interested in wholesaling books, please feel free to contact us.