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Our Philosophy

The 10 criteria of Long-Life Design

1. Repair A system and method for repairing goods for continued use must be available.

2. Cost The costs of goods must be set at a level that will allow the manufacturer to continue production.

3. Sales The seller must have a strong will to convey its beliefs to consumers.

4. Manufacturing The manufacturer must be passionate about the process of “making.”

5. Function The product must be functional and easy to use.

6. Safety The product must be safe to use.

7. Planned Production The product must be produced in planned and foreseeable volumes.

8. User The product must lead its users’ attentions to broader issues.

9. Environment The product must be made with consideration of the environment in any age.

10. Design The product must be beautiful.

This shows an example of a store concept created by the designer named Nagaoka Kenmei in 2000. Product sales, restaurants, publishing, and tourism are all utilized to reevaluate the "uniqueness" and "long-lasting traditional design" of each region to step up efforts to present their individuality to the world.


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Founder: Kenmei Nagaoka

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